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Reflexology is a method of activating the healing powers of the body. It is both old and new. From ancient texts, illustrations and artifacts, we know that the early Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and Egyptians worked on the feet to promote good health.

Modern reflexology is both an art and a science. As a science it requires careful study, faithful practice, a sound knowledge of the techniques and skill. Yet, as one of the healing arts, Reflexology yields best results when the Reflexologist works with dedication, patience, focused intention and above all, loving care.

The benefits of Reflexology include:

  • Reduction of stress and induction of deep relaxation
  • Improvement of circulation
  • Cleansing the body of toxins and impurities
  • Balancing of the whole system
  • Improving energy
  • Providing preventative health care

As in Acupuncture or Shiatsu, energy patterns are opened up and the subtle energy that accompanies neurological and circulatory functioning can do its work. Order and harmony are restored and the body returns to its natural rhythms.

Everybody can benefit from Reflexology and what a lovely way to restore energy and remain well.

Recommended Reading: The Reflexology Handbook by Laura Norman.

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